The Interruption


We interrupt the standard definition of sustainability, and introduce the work of GIFT

We interrupt the concept of urbanisation in Asian cities as a safehaven for progress from Indonesia's 30+ million strong capital, Jakarta

We interrupt the forms of communication that have become globally dominant: the Tyranny of English


We interrupt the surface-level view of China to give you an insider's view during Chinese New Year

We interrupt this broadcast to discuss if India's democracy can address climate change

We interrupt the nature of contemporary cultural dominance through a short story by Chandran


We interrupt the status quo of approaches to sustainability in the US and Canada

We interrupt the tech-obsession to make the case for prioritising the fulfilment of basic needs

No more buffets, three-minute showers and strict air conditioning controls. Find out more on Tourism and Sustainability.


Cyclone Fani affected 10 million people in India, but only 89 were killed. The 1999 Odisha cyclone killed over 10 thousand.

Investment conference on climate change has a silent contract between the audience and speaker: that neither party will suggest anyone in the room is to blame

The fault comes when people believe the law is a tradeable commodity, that it can be bought and sold for personal or commercial gains


The social contract with the state needs to be observed during the crises if the collective welfare of the nation is to be protected

A country that can't feed it's own people in this new era is essentially exposed to the greatest possible risk

"This was a huge decision - in the space of the last 2 months, 20,000 wildlife farms have been closed down across China"


One of the scarcest commodities of our time is intellectual honesty

Americans waste up to 60% of their food when it's on their plates. In Sub-Saharan Africa it's 5%. So we don't have a food shortage issue, we have a wastage and distribution problem

Exposing the Geopolitical Realities of Covid-19

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