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This highly effective course is for young ASEAN professionals
▶ Middle management getting ready for bigger roles
▶ Looking to become a more effective leader
▶ Comprehensive understanding of the ASEAN region in the post-pandemic world
▶ Cultivate better strategic thinking skills
Brands that Trust Us
  • “GIFT programmes are the place to be for all executives who are keen to brush up on their leadership skills and business acumen in emerging markets, where the real impacts of globalisation are being felt.”
    ​ Prof. Hideaki Takahashi
    former Fuji Xerox Deputy President ​
  • “In the experience GIFT arranged for us, we were confronted with real societal problems such as the aging population and environmental concerns, and were compelled to think differently about our ability to have an impact on these key issues.”   
    Ian Turner
    Executive Director, Duke Corporate Education​
  • “GIFT offers a unique chance to link emerging market needs with societal and environmental challenges and bring this in a joint concept that is business driven.”
    Saori Dubourg
    Board of Executive Directors, BASF​
In our 15 years of coaching experience,

we've identified 3 reasons why young professionals struggle to progress in their careers and we know exactly how to fix them

1. Poor Energy Management

When we asked 10,000 of our alumnus what is the no.1 obstacle that's stopping them from unleashing their full potential at work, the answers don't stray far from :

"too busy, too tired, too many choices!"

Instead of merely going through the motion, we know you want to do work that you believe in, most importantly, YOU WANT TO MAKE AN IMPACT.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of new things to learn and try to do them all. But without taking stock of how you are spending your energy and on where, chances are your efforts to upskill are unsustainable at best. Worst, you get frustrated.

Feeling inspired to up your game? Don't let another year go by with the wrong strategy! Forget the abstract business school theories and focus on actionable steps to better your softskills.

How you conduct yourself everyday at the office matters. So ask yourself this: do I communicate well with my team? Do I run fruitful meetings? How often do I add value to projects? How much do I know outside my scope of work?

Hone your leadership skills with our proprietary tools

- Run effective meetings

- Give constructive real-time feedback

- Inspire new approaches to collaboration and high-performance teamwork

- Communicate with confidence across different cultures and backgrounds
Sessions Led by Expert Facilitators

Chandran Nair, Founder & CEO
A bio-chemical engineer by training Chandran was formerly regional chairman of Environmental Resources Management (ERM), establishing the company as Asia’s leading environmental consultancy. He is a regular speaker at World Economic Forum (WEF), APEC and OECD events and is a member of WEF’s Global Agenda Council on Governance for Sustainability. He has also served as Adjunct Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore.

Eric Stryson, Managing Director - Global Services
Since 2008 Eric has facilitated more than 40 experiential leadership programmes in fifteen countries. He is well versed in introducing new ideas on governance, business and sustainability and coaching participants to think critically about their role as leaders. Eric also spent several years managing multi-stakeholder partnerships between global brands and civil society groups in the United States and China.

Karim Rushdy, Managing Director - ASEAN
Karim has worked on leadership, strategy and business model generation with over 2,000 high potential managers, senior executives and civil servants from Fortune 500s, regional companies, governments and NGOs.Karim has lived in Asia for almost 20 years and prior to joining GIFT spent a decade in mainland China where he was a partner in a successful food and beverage company which today employs 5,000 people across a dozen major cities.
2. Too Focused on Functional Role

Gone are the days where "specialisation" is the holy grail in the professional world.

Whether you're in finance, marketing or even technical fields like medicine or engineering,


What differentiates you from a machine is your ability to connect the dots across different fields and your intuition to make the right call.

Many have a strong grasp of their technical knowledge, but lack breadth when it comes to having a world view.

Don't forget, getting promoted also means bigger responsibilities, more interactions with people beyond your department and more complex decisions to make.

So stop getting passed over a promotion again and get curious about your region and the world!


Join our 6-week programme and
learn alongside talents from ASEAN nations
▶ Expand your network and make friends from around the region

▶ Understand problems from different cultural lenses

▶ Learn how people from various professional background find solutions

▶ Practice your leadership skills in a diverse cohort

▶ Discover your ASEAN identity and opportunities in the region

Exclusive live sharing by corporate giants from ASEAN

Tap into the wisdom of our global network

Daw Zarchi Tin
CEO, Dai-ichi Life Insurance

Sandiaga Uno
Former Deputy Governor of Jakarta

Jasmine Begum
Director of Legal, Government & Corporate Affairs, Asean & New Markets, Microsoft

Taimur Baig
Managing Director & Chief Economist, DBS Bank
3. Lost in Fluff

Let's be honest, knowing a few leadership theories can only get you that far. What matters is your execution.

Many among the top talents we trained, including those from Fortune 500 companies, are caught up in memorising buzzwords and completely missed the simple, elegant solutions.

Putting concepts to action takes diligent practice. While inspiration is great to get you to start doing things differently, a journey without clear structure and direction can feel daunting before you even begin.

But don't beat yourself up over whatever failed attempts, the fact that you want to be better is already a good start!

Key benefits
from this 6-week course
No Leadership Theory

The most practical course you need to grow your career in ASEAN
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