Dismantling Global White Privilege: Equality for the Post-Western World

Coming in 2022: a new book from GIFT Founder and CEO Chandran Nair about global white privilege and how it explains today's world

As the Black Lives Matters protests erupted in the United States after the death of George Floyd, and then spread worldwide to become a global movement, GIFT CEO and Founder Chandran Nair wrote a piece for This Week in Asia about white privilege. The piece offered a unique framing on the issue — looking at white privilege in the global context, rather than a purely American or European one — and garnered a fair bit of attention.
Berret-Koehler, publisher of Chandran Nair's previous book The Sustainable State, reached out with interest in taking the issue and turning it into the book that would provide a unique take on the issue and critical insights for both an American and a global audience.
All over the world and especially after global support for Black Lives Matter protests in the US, non-Westerners have wondered how white people acquired special status and privileges that allow them to exercise global power and economic domination. How did they position themselves as superior to others and leverage this for their own economic benefit and privilege? This new book by Chandran Nair provides answers.
The impacts of white privilege and racism are much more profound and insidious than commonly understood. These impacts go far beyond the descriptions in history books of the horrors of colonization, the harms of imperialism, the oppression of black people in the US and elsewhere, and even recent theories about Western hegemony. This book explores how the past is being preserved today for the same economic objectives that triggered colonization and imperialism.
This book shows how the aim of dominating the world remains the principal objective of Western powers, often working in tandem through strategic economic and military alliances. Nair argues that the popular narrative that the West has turned away from its past racism and subjugation is a lie. The Western sense of superiority and the preservation of white privilege are an active and ongoing process, aided and abetted by global corporations, the media, leading international institutions, and many others.
While this white privilege is centuries old, it has been re-engineered for the modern world and is woven into the very fabric of globalization. This book details how its far-reaching domination actually works today in every aspect of our world, with chapters focusing on geopolitics, history, business, media, education, culture, entertainment, the environment, and even sports and fashion.
Nair also outlines steps to dismantle this system of global white privilege and racism. He explains how to bring about change at all levels of our world, including families, workplaces, communities, nations, and multi-national organizations.

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