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Prihatanto is the President Director at Astra Komponen Indonesia and Astra Visteon Indonesia. Astra Komponen is a subsidiary of Astra International, one of Indonesia’s largest diversified conglomerates, with a network of business in various sectors such as – mining, energy, automotive, heavy equipment, financial services, and information technology, among others. At Astra, Prie is responsible for the compliance and management of the company’s board of directors and ensure that the board business is conducted effectively.
Prie participated in GIFT’s 47th GLP, which took place in Hong Kong and Changchun, China in July 2016. The field-project in China was centered on sustainable food production, one of the defining issues of the 21st century. The group produced a business plan to support the establishment of a new nationwide Natural Farming Alliance, which would bring together farming cooperatives, food production companies and consumers across China.
Inspired by the demonstrations of circular farming in Jilin, Prie in September 2016, began an organic farming initiative, ASKI Farm after returning to Astra International. With the objective of providing healthy and high-quality food to Astra employees, the farm began utilising environmentally sustainable agricultural and organic indoor farming models to grow fruits and vegetables.
In 2018, encouraged by Prihanto’s efforts, a local Marine base commander set up his own farm to grow vegetables. The success of the commander’s farming in turn led to a competition amongst all the marine bases around Jakarta to produce the finest quality vegetables, using techniques from Prie’s plant. It was also around this time that the Joint Chiefs of Staff instructed the military to start growing its own food as there were shortages nationwide.
ASKI Farm is supported by local farmers, and focuses on three types of farming initiatives: aquaponics in a symbiotic environment; a tropical fruit orchard; and vegetable farm. Employees are encouraged to participate in the growing food which is supplied to the company’s canteen.
The SME that set up and helps maintain the farms has seen incredible growth and has now established a large farm on the outskirts of the city where people from Jakarta can come to harvest and purchase produce and learn about sustainable agriculture.
Alumni stories such as Prie's make us proud and demonstrate the potential for even wider impact in different communities from the GLP.
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