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The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) is an independent and internationally-recognised think tank and executive education provider with offices in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.
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Upcoming Programmes

Programme Schedule:

7 Sept - 15 Oct, 2021

Participant Cohort:

Southeast Asian cohort, 7-10 years of experience

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Programme Schedule

13 Apr - 15 Jun, 2021
7 Jul - 8 Sept, 2021
6 Oct - 8 Dec, 2021

Participant Cohort:

Global cohort, 15-20 years of experience

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Programme Schedule

Module One | 31 May – 5 Jun 2021
Module Two | 20 – 25 Jun 2021

Participant Cohort:

Average Profile & Age: 5 - 10 (or more) years of work experience; 28 - 35 years old

Common Titles :Managers, Senior Managers,VPs, Heads of Departments etc.

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New Models for a New World: Vietnam (2019)

In this latest post in our series, "New Models for a New World", we explore the output from our 2019 programme in Vietnam, which focused on tackling the issue of skills training for Vietnam's growing working-age population.

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Why resilience - not technology - is the answer to our biggest challenges

[World Economic Forum] We need a concerted effort to reset our economic systems and make some hard choices about our future paths..

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Exposing the Geopolitical Realities of Covid-19

Historical racism via imperialism casts a long shadow. Racist mindsets and behaviours that characterised the colonial period are alive and well now, from micro-expressions of racism in the day-to-day lived experience of non-White people, to macro-manifestations in geopolitical relations and foreign policy. Being so ubiquitous, this begs the question: what is the impact of racism on the future of international world order?

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